New program allows agriculture students to complete an MS degree in just one year

CARBONDALE, Ill. — Looking at graduate programs, but worried about the time and money commitment? With the help of a new accelerated master’s program offered in agribusiness economics, you can graduate with your master’s degree in just one year.

Earn undergraduate and graduate credit at the same time

The traditional agribusiness economics degree program requires you to take 30 credit hours after undergraduate graduation. But to complete the accelerated MS degree, nine credit hours of 400 level ABE classes count toward both the bachelor’s and master’s degree.

This not only speeds the process up, but it allows you to work with your advisors early on to develop a program of study that fits your unique needs.

Accelerated program opens new job opportunities

A recent graduate, Danielle Freelove, used the accelerated program to not only get a master’s degree, but also land a job as an export analysis at CHS Inc.

“I decided my junior year that I wanted to get my master’s degree eventually, but it was not until the fall of my senior semester that my advisor mentioned that I would be a good candidate for the accelerated agribusiness economics program,” Freelove said. “I was motivated to save time and money.”

With the experience and training Freelove received in agriculture terminology, crop production and grain merchandising, she feels the degree was a perfect way for her to launch into her career.

“My agribusiness economics degree is what helped me land my current job at CHS Inc.,” Freelove said. “It also helps me while on the job site.”

Students earn master’s degree in one year

So far, the program has graduated 14 students in the two years since it was launched. Each of the students finished the program in the one year, with many success stories similar to Freelove’s.

This particular degree option is perfect for students who are looking for higher entry positions in agricultural industry jobs such as marketing, sales, or similar fields.

For more information about this degree option, contact Ira Altman, 618/453-2430.

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