SIU Student Alumni Council appoints 2020-21 officers

The Student Alumni Council, the registered student organization of the SIU Alumni Association, has appointed its executive team for the 2020-21 academic year.

Alyssa Roimiser, a senior in communication studies and marketing from Carpentersville, Illinois, will become president. Nicole Gray, a sophomore in accounting and marketing from Lawrenceville, Illinois, is vice president and Kierra Greer, a junior in social work from Chicago, will serve as secretary.

Members are the Association’s service organization, designed to act as a common link between students, alumni, administration, faculty, and friends of SIU Carbondale. Through membership in the council, students get the opportunity to grow professionally and gain lasting friendships, network with alumni; provide service to the university and community, and earn incentives through their volunteerism.

The Student Alumni Council officers were selected from a slate of this year’s other council members. All first-time students who want to be on the student alumni council must complete an interview process.

Roimiser said she is looking forward to fostering a strong culture of collaboration and determination among the student alumni council.

“Our group will always extend the message, ‘Once a Saluki, always a Saluki’,” she said. “Also, I desire to encourage and grow relationships among past, present, and future students; enrich their SIU experience through programming, service, and networking, and inspire Saluki pride that will last a lifetime. I am extremely excited to execute these plans during the upcoming school year and I am vastly grateful for this opportunity.”

Michelle Rust, director of college and student relations for the SIU Alumni Association and staff adviser to the Student Alumni Council, said she is looking forward to working with the group on a number of projects throughout the next school year.

“I’m excited to get started. This is one of the strongest group of students to form the Student Alumni Council in a number of years,” Rust said. “There’s no doubt they’ll find a lot of opportunity to help campus, the community at large, and the Association reach their goals over the next year.”

Alyssa Roimiser
Nicole Gray
Kierra Greer
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