October is Sustainability Month

By Karen Schauwecker
Sustainability Program Coordinator

SIU is proud to participate in Campus Sustainability Month throughout October. This annual event, hosted by the  Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education  (AASHE), celebrates sustainability achievements on campuses while raising awareness of the value of sustainability in higher education.  During this month SIU’s Office of Sustainability collaborates with others on campus to create unique and fun events that highlight how  sustainability can be incorporated into everything we do – from academics, to  RSOs to athletics and more!

Design the campus you want to see with the Green Fund.

We encourage everyone to view our  campus through a ‘green’ lens. We rely on our fellow  SIU community members to identify solutions that make our campus more sustainable.  Learn how to “green” your corner of campus at a Green Fund Workshop.

Take a First Friday Green Tour highlighting past projects, which leaves from the Student Center at noon. Students, staff, or  faculty members can write a proposal for funding to make any corner of campus more sustainable.

We have some truly one-of-a kind activities on the calendar this month!

  • The Pokemon Go group will be visiting all of the water refill stations and collecting data while on their usual chase for a Pokemon.
  • Join the Society of American Foresters  in a treestand and environmental interpretation project in Thompson woods.
  • Sign up for the SIUnited Ecochallenge! We teamed up with SIU Edwardsville to compete with campuses across the country. Set goals and earn points for sustainable actions you take during the month.
  • Blogging: experience this Swedish fitness craze! “Plocka up” garbage and recycling while on your daily jog!
  • Help build SIU Touch of Nature’s Mountain Bike Trail.Go bikes!!!
  • Eat local at  the Fall Farm to Fork Dinner for only $5 (for students). Buy tickets here.
  • Express yourself and reduce textile waste at the Clothing Swap and Gender Expression Fair.
  • Come to thesecond  Saluki Green Action Team meet-up! Pizza will be available on a first-come basis.
  • Attend a seminar on aquaponics and hunger,  sponsored by the zoology department, the Cooperative  Wildlife Research Lab and  the Center for Ecology.
  • Volunteer at the Homecoming football game to reduce waste and encourage recycling. 
  • Tree Campus USA and forestry volunteers will be hosting 180 grade school students on campus forfun tree-identification activities and lumberjack sport demonstrations.

Check our digital calendar for a full list of events

Every member of our campus community has the ability to make a positive impact! Through individual action, we can create a more sustainable campus together. Get involved and attend an event this month!

Events are hosted by a variety of groups on campus.  Most are open to everyone, but some do require pre-registration. Please look on our calendar for more information. You can make a difference; get involved!

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