Gym Etiquette 101

One of the many areas in the REC set up for compound workouts with or without free weights.

As an on-campus student at SIU, you get free access to the SIU Student Recreation Center. We encourage all students to take advantage of this great facility and all the extras offered. 

If you are new to #GymLife, we have some tips to keep the gym fun and enjoyable for everyone. Remember, for many people, this is a way of life. So, someone taking selfies or texting while on the machines can be frustrating to someone trying to put in work.

Basic gym etiquette can be boiled down to — Safety and Consideration for Others


  1. Wipe down the equipment before and after you use it. Towels and sprays are provided, so there’s no excuse to leave sweat on the equipment. Plus, you never know if the previous person cleaned it well. 
  1. Always wear a shirt and shoes. (unless the room requires you to remove your shoes) This is for your safety and the safety of everyone around you.
  2. Re-rack the weights and put the equipment where it belongs. This will help prevent trip hazards and also make it easier for others to find the equipment they need. Remember not everyone may be as strong as you are.
There are many sets of free weights around the REC. Re-racking these weights is important to keep the floors clear and so others can find the weights they are looking for.

Consideration for Others  

  1. Don’t camp out on the machines while not in use. Let others work in versus sitting on a machine texting or scrolling Instagram while resting. You are likely taking longer than you realize; someone else could have completed a set or three during your rest. 
  2. Don’t offer unsolicited advice. Just don’t. 
  3. Respect personal space. Don’t crowd people and don’t stand in between someone and the mirror.

By simply following these basic rules, we can help make the gym experience more productive and less frustrating for everyone.

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