Making Friends 101


three students posing for a picture with their arms around each other in front of the pavilion
Students having fun at Light Up the Lake during the weeks of welcome in the fall semester.

College is a time when many people experience a lot of “firsts”. Maybe this is the first time you’ve moved away from home, lived with someone who is not family, had to do your own laundry, or aren’t surrounded by friends or family, etc.

If you’re new to SIU, we have 5 tips to help you make friends.

  1. Join a registered student organization (RSO) – There are hundreds of student groups at SIU, so there’s sure to be at least one that sparks your interest. Check them out at the Involvement Fair on August 24 from 5-7p outside Faner.
  1. Go to the RECGroup fitness classes are free for on-campus students, and you can meet people with similar interests who can also become your workout buddy. Plus, working out is good for your health, so it’s a win-win.
A pickup game of basketball at Late Nite at the REC during Saluki Startup.
  1. Talk to your classmates – Ask your neighbor if they did the reading or homework… it could spark an entire conversation. You could also join or start a study group. If this is a class in your major, the people in your class likely have more in common with you than you may know. 
  1. Attend events — There are tons of events scheduled for your first weeks in Carbondale between Saluki Startup and Weeks of Welcome. Plus, every Thursday, you’ll get an email with events for the upcoming week. There will be other students like you there, hoping to make friends. 
  1. Get uncomfortable — The best advice for making new friends is to get uncomfortable. Don’t suffer from FOMO by staying in your room alone. Go out there and make friends.
Students having fun at Dawgs Nite Out in the Student Center.
Students having fun at Dawgs Nite Out during Saluki Startup.

At the end of the day, you are not alone. You already have something in common with other students—you chose to be a Saluki! Many people make lifelong friends at college, so keep your head up! 

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