Saluki Pride: Tatiana Sherrill ensures SIU is a safe workplace

SIU Carbondale is home to many cutting-edge technologies and sciences, as well as being a small city unto itself. In that environment, safety cannot be a secondary consideration.

Tatiana Sherrill is one of the campus denizens charged with keeping our students, staff and faculty safe. Whether it’s the safe storage of chemicals or worksite protocols, safety officers like Sherrill are on the job safeguarding Salukis.


Name: Tatiana Sherrill

Department/title: Safety Officer III, Center for Environmental Health and Safety

Years at SIU Carbondale: 12, including my time as a student

Give us the elevator pitch for your staff job

I ensure that employees have a safe work environment, and that students and visitors have a safe environment as well. At times, this may involve me creating safety programs and protocols, inspecting and monitoring facilities and worksites, training employees and students, and data collection and analysis. 

What is the favorite part of your job? 

I love to give trainings! It allows me to get creative while still presenting useful information. 

Why did you choose SIU? 

I am a Carbondale native but decided to attend Eastern Illinois University for my bachelor’s degree. After the completion of my degree, I came back home and wanted to see if any SIU courses would help further a goal of mine. So, I enrolled in a few courses and worked in the microbiology department as a media preparation laboratory assistant for two years. While working there, my mother noticed a position open at the Center for Environmental Health and Safety. So, I took a shot and applied and have been here ever since. Also, while working at CEHS, I was able to receive my Master’s in Public Health in 2018. 

I’m happiest when I am …   

I am happiest when I am with my family, especially my two little boys, Elijah (2) and Jeremiah (6 months). 

At the top of my “bucket list’ is …

Skydiving! It looks like a lot of fun. 

My favorite activity away from work is …

For the last few years, I have been interested in baking. Things don’t always turn out right, but I still try. I also like watching movies, going bowling and playing pool. 

My favorite toy or item growing up was ….  

Hmmm, I didn’t really have a favorite toy/item. I played with everything. 

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