An International Student’s 1st Tornado

by: Hoda Joudi Haghighi

tornado storm clouds
Storm clouds.

Tornado occurrence in Illinois as a part of the Midwest of America is a natural thing that happens every now and then in any part of this state in the spring season. The people of Carbondale are ready for it in the spring, and after a while, the life of this scary phenomenon loses its importance and becomes the topic of exciting conversations between the people who have encountered it. But it still has its risks and sharing experiences can be helpful for listeners. 

After the end of the spring semester, Owais and his Pakistani friends went on a picnic on a lovely afternoon in May by Evergreen Lake, south of Carbondale. They set up a barbecue and feast under a pavilion, enjoying delicious food and the fresh air. The picturesque view of the lake amidst the spring greenery added to the charm of their delightful outing. 

Suddenly, heavy rain and thunder created a frightening atmosphere, prompting everyone to take shelter under the gazebo. However, it wasn’t long before they noticed food containers flying around amid the storm and the roar of thunder. They saw a column of thick fog growing darker and rapidly approaching them. Given the cloudy and dark weather, they quickly realized that it could be a tornado. Hastily, they gathered as many picnic items as they could and rushed to their car, driving away swiftly to find the nearest shelter and escape the impending danger. 

Driving in a storm is as dangerous as walking, and the wind can knock down trees on the cars. Owais looked behind him and saw the terrifying sight of the trees in the wind, bending menacingly to the left and right like a broomstick. The lightning would split the sky without a moment’s pause and hit whatever tree it could find. 

Fortunately, they reached home and were watching the storm from the window, when suddenly the electricity in the building was cut off, and amid the darkness, the only light inside the house was the thunder that turned on and off. 

After two hours, the storm ended with some damage and the night was very quiet and peaceful over the town. When they came to the street in the morning, the sky was blue and clean, and the grass was shining with freshness. After every storm, the birds sing more happily than before, apparently, the birds are also happy with the end of the storm. 

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